Nutrition and Posture Therapy

What can nutrition consulting do for me?

A qualified nutritional consultant can help guide a person towards a healthier lifestyle. Notice I said “lifestyle” not “diet.” We go on diets initially to lose weight and the problem is hardly anyone ever stays with that diet. That’s because most of the weight loss diets are designed for quick results but not long term results. Each person is unique in what he/she needs and wants in life and from food. By seeking nutrition counseling with me, we can make changes that you can live with for a lifetime, not just a few weeks. Some of the issues/topics I consult on are whole foods vs processed foods; Cooking at home vs going out to eat; healthy fats vs unhealthy fats; how much protein, carbohydrates and fats do you need for your body type and fitness goals; nutritional supplements (what I recommend and how do you know if it’s a good vitamin?) I will give you my experience and you make your choice. No strings attached, no sales pressure like some nutritional consultants.*

Nutrition counseling has been defined as the process of guiding a client toward a healthy nutrition lifestyle by meeting normal nutritional needs and solving problems that are barriers to change.

I am a certified nutritional consultant and a member of The American Fitness Professionals and Associates as well as a member of IDEA. I attend health and fitness seminars frequently and obtain the latest data on supplementation, nutrition and the like. This is passed on to the client so that he/she may sort through the fads and learn what is true and what is false.

I work with clients of all ages and fitness levels. I believe that nutrition is the foundation of health in many ways. This service can be incorporated with many of the other services I offer to ensure optimal health. When working with me, clients discover how to incorporate the healthier food choices into their daily lives.

 Nutrition and Posture Therapy Rates:

Sessions typically begin with a thorough intake interview and clients generally book a follow-up session where customized nutrition profiles, and e-cises are given.  These sessions are done at the client’s convenience and nutrition consulting can be done by phone, email or in person.  Posture therapy consultation is done in my office, and customized e-cises are given at the client’s follow-up session.  Rates are $100 per hour.

 Posture Therapy:

Nitasha uses the theories of Egoscue, Gokahle, Rolf, and Dalton to customize posture poses, bodywork, stretches, and corrective exercise to give clients the best function possible for their lifestyle and health goals. Identifying ergonomic problems helps win the fight against gravity and aging.  In our culture of sitting at desks, looking down at smartphones, and repetitive stress, ANYONE can benefit from this therapy, but especially those struggling with chronic tension and pain.

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