Upcoming Special Events

Yoga under the Sky ( TBA) outdoor yoga classes with special guest instructors from the area.

Learn to Use your self massage tools with me in my special class focused on helping you get the most out of your home self care routines (TBA)

Stretch Class (TBA) Learn important tips for stretching, why it is crucial you do it, and how to maintain your bodywork gains at home and prevent injuries.

Meditation Classes under the Sky (TBA)  Learn to quiet your mind with me and gain control of anxiety.  I will teach you an ancient mantra which can bring peace, balance, contentment, better sleep, healing and a closer relationship to The Divine.

Some of my core beliefs:

I support any religion that is based in love. I would not consider myself a religious person, though I am well versed in many theologies having spent seventeen years of intense study in Christianity, Hinduism, Soul travel, past lives and dream study with the purpose to cultivate a deeper relationship with God. Mission accomplished and ongoing!

Imagination, seeing, knowing, being and more are aspects of our true eternal self, called Soul. You do not have a Soul. You actually are Soul. You are Soul which has a body and mind. You are not a body and mind which has a Soul. Your brain is programmed to believe certain things to be true whether or not they are. In this way, our mind is similar to a machine or computer. Soul is different because it has many lifetimes of experiences, opinions and beliefs and can also know Divine truth if taught how to access it. These truths are carried with Soul throughout eternity.  Though often forgotten, they can be remembered and used to build a greater foundation of peace, love, compassion, and the ability to make better choices.

My simple yet profound perspective is one of the keystones to my work, and once grasped can be life changing. For example, if you know that an astronaut needs a suit to go to the moon, then it is not a stretch to consider that Soul (our eternal spirit self) also needs a suit (our physical mind and body) to inhabit the Earth. Soul cannot experience life in the physical plane without what I call an “Earth suit.” When our physical body dies, our true eternal self, Soul, goes on to another dimension based on our life choices. These choices determine our next incarnation whether in the physical, astral or one of God’s other heavens. There are many planes (or mansions as they were called in the Bible). Some are pleasant, some are like Earth, and  some are “rough neighborhoods” (or hell as referred to in the Bible). These are on the lower astral planes. These places are  reserved for more serious offenders such as serial killers, pedophiles, and the like.  They are not for small transgressions and definitely not reserved for those who are not “saved” per say. These are not permanent dwellings but rather reformatories where some Souls go to gain experiences which may not be pleasant, but offer them a chance for greater compassion upon their next opportunity for physical life. God loves all Souls however, I find it comforting to know that there is karma (spiritual accounting) for our good and not so good choices and these choices effect our whole life as Soul not just the physical incarnations. Nice to know we do not have to rely solely on our justice system. We have a loving Creator who teaches us in dreams, waking life, scriptures, through people, our families, and more. The perspectives I share do not impede our journey to Creator but enhance it when understood. We can deepen our understanding of whatever path we are currently on. As we open our “spiritual eyes” through practice of the HU sacred mantra and Soul’s viewpoint we begin to see, hear and know God’s language and thus know true love.

living my best life

Tash back in 2009 having achieved her goal of riding motorcycles and experiencing the freedom of two wheels.