over 27 years of full-time practice and continuing education in massage and bodywork.

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Our bodies do respond to physical, mental and emotional stress and anxiety. Sometimes we just need help relaxing so that our minds and bodies can renew and re-set.  Whatever your reason for seeking my service, I am happy to be in a position to offer this wonderful blend of therapy. “My relationship with The Divine allows me to focus and tune into a client’s needs in unique ways.  I am grateful because I have grown over these years and excited because there is always more to learn.”

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Myofascial Release

Fascia or connective tissue is the dense connective tissue which spreads like a web throughout the entire body interacting with muscles, tendons, nerves and organs. Trauma, posture or inflammation can cause a binding down of fascia resulting in excessive pressure on nerves, muscles, blood vessels, and osseous structures. I incorporate this modality into all of my deep work. The work is slow, deep and precise. Elongation of the connective tissue allowing space and freedom of movement is generally the goal.

Barefoot Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release (ASHIATSU-  it’s A-MAAA-ZING!)

Our room is set up with bars and straps that support the therapist in using hands or feet to apply the best tool for the job. Barefoot massage or Ashiatsu as it is also called, utilizes deep, broad, strokes from the therapist’s feet. It is a western version of an ancient form of bodywork, with roots dating back thousands of years from cultures across Asia, India, Africa and the Pacific Rim. Shiatsu is sometimes described as Japanese physiotherapy. Our treatment approach and philosophy is similar to acupuncture in its usage of the meridians (energy channels) and tsubo (pressure points) as well as diagnostic methods, but without the use of needles. The therapist employs shiatsu and deep tissue massage with the feet for an effective, deep and comfortable treatment of the whole body. Deep myofascial massage is also performed this way and is so wonderful for athletes, bodybuilders and anyone who enjoys deep tissue massages but wants more pressure.

Deep Tissue Massage

Therapists employ the techniques of deep tissue massage to soothe achy muscles and relieve your tired, stressed body restoring it back to harmonious balance.

Structural Integration * add $20 for this service*

(clients must book at least 10 one hour sessions for this work)

Structural Integration (SI) is the culmination of a body of work developed by Ida Pauline Rolf – a Renaissance woman of myofascial pain management and postural body alignment.
Structural Integration is the premier method for freeing longstanding constrictions in the body. Deeper than massage, it’s slow and penetrating touch softens contracted fascia (connective tissue)—a thin sheath of sturdy tissue that permeates the entire body, holding muscles, organs and bones together. Often overlooked and ignored by bodywork professionals and the medical community alike, connective tissue, when made supple and free of chronic contractions, promotes elegant posture and allows remarkable ease of movement.

Myoskeletal Alignment

This is a blend of massage, Rolfing® and osteopathic techniques that are specific to pain caused by migraines, whiplash, scoliosis and repetitive stress injuries. These techniques address pain in the head, neck, rib, low back, arms, hands and chest. Some of this work requires active participation on the client’s part: ie: The therapist may ask the client to lift his head while the therapist is working on the neck and or arms. This bodywork can be coupled with another form of massage therapy for a longer session incorporating some relaxation at the end.

Sports Massage with Trigger Point Therapy

Is a technique Tash developed that focuses on releasing specific points in the body associated with athletic performance and sports of all kinds. This wonderful blend of hot stones and essential oils combined with therapeutic massage will soothe and alleviate tension to restore functionality and reduce pain and inflammation. Trigger points are small pockets of tissue that become dense and irritated and eventually restrict movement. By pressing on these areas for specific amounts of time, they release natural endorphins and help to relieve pain and restore balance to the body. Please request hot stones in advance so the stones may be warmed for you prior to your appointment.

CranioSacral® Therapy

Tash was taught John Upledger’s method (a nationwide authority on Cranial Osteopathy) back in 1999 and has been incorporating these gentle osteopathic methods ever since.  Some of the most popular holds are at the base of the skull, sacrum, and ankles/ feet, although there are others.  Superior palpation skills are involved to feel the body’s cerebrospinal fluid and it’s natural rhythmic pulse up and down the body.  If restrictions in the flow are palpated ( it has been studied by Upledger and is believed that anti-depressants, sleeping aids, narcotic pain killers, and more can disrupt this delicate balance between the brain and spinal pathway) therapists employ gentle holds and release methods to restore balance and undisturbed movement.

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