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“The still, small voice of God never calls on me to be like another man. It appeals to me to rise to my full stature and fulfill the promise that sleeps within my being.” Sam Keen

Massage Packages and Loyalty Rewards

Package #1: Buy 4 Treatments $20 off Total Price (Expires 4 months after purchase)

Package #2: Buy 8 Treatments $80 off Total Price (Expires 4 months after purchase)

Package #3: Buy 12 Treatments $180 off Total Price (Expires 1 year after purchase)

*Cash and check payments strongly encouraged - a fee of 2.7% will be added to credit cards*

Referral Rewards

If four of your new referrals come in to see me within a year, you get a free service of choice to use yourself or give as a gift (excluding outcalls). I will give you a list of names I have rewarded so far if you'd like testimonials. Yes, I do pay you for spreading the word!

How to Hire A Massage Therapist or Bodyworker

Look for years of experience, investment in education and price to come up with an overall value. Please do not just look for the cheapest person in town. Price shopping is not bad. We all want a good deal, including me, but experience matters in all things, even massage! Take the time to consider more than just the price and if you are new to massage, try different people if you are unsure you have found the best fit for you. It costs us money and time to invest in getting better so compensation is naturally expected. If you are looking to build a therapeutic relationship, have health issues or pain, you might pay a little more for a top rated person and get a better overall value.

How Do I Know If I am Getting a Good Rate on Massage and Bodywork?

How do massage therapists, massage franchises and body workers in general calculate their rates?

Price is based off of business overhead, competitive markets, volume of business and these considerations: An intro rate @ $65 -$70 per hour for a person with 0-2 years of experience out of school. Upscale Spas hire more experienced therapists at rates anywhere from $90 - $120 per hour, plus gratuity. Practitioners in private practice generally get raises every 5 years in $5 increments if they are growing. $1.50 is added for each continuing education course beyond massage school. My education is listed on my website and includes more than 10 modalities beyond massage school but I do not charge for that. My practice uses organic oils and has a linen service providing fresh, comfortable sheets. We also have a table warmer if clients like.

What if I need a reduced rate?

If you are in pain and or would like to get regular massage or bodywork and you truly need a reduced rate then in some cases a payment plan and or barter of some sort can be worked out. Don't hesitate to ask if you truly need it.

This offer assumes a real need not just someone looking for a better deal. Our packages will fit most budgets and feel that there is tremendous value there. A true financial need would be considered if you have no other area where you can cut back to afford treatment, although this exception would be scrutinized heavily.