Health Resources

Click below to learn about fascia:

 Foam Rollers & Massage Balls for massage balls. I like these for getting what the foam roller cannot and they have great foam rollers too.  Pete Egoscue’s books “Pain Free” are good for body alignment and athletic performance at any age. I suggest the e-cises in the book after a series of Rolfing sessions to keep the balance going.

“The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel Van Der Kolk Learn how your brain and body store pain from past trauma and how your brain works and or does not work under stress and why bodywork is so helpful in healing. Available in audio or paperback books.

Herb Doctor Dr. Schultz has the best products on the market for herbal, nutritional, and mineral support. He has been producing products since the seventies and has used his products clinically- they work! His Superfood and Supermeal is an awesome health aid. Honestly easier to buy on Amazon. They are not shipping too well these days from the main site.

Breathing techniques and ice baths:  Check out “the iceman” Wim Hof  on YouTube for free demos, his app, classes and his story.

Intermittent fasting advice:  Dr. Fung on YouTube is my YouTube channel

Workout Resources: My favorite resources are Laird Hamilton (big wave surfer) and his wife Gabby Reese, former pro beach volleyball player. They give great advice for keeping healthy at any age while still challenging ourselves. Find their videos and podcasts on YouTube. Also helpful is Caroline Girvan who has a YouTube channel called Epic Heat with plenty of free exercises and a 25 day workout. Check out Magnus Method on YouTube for celebrity training tips. For the yoga enthusiast check out Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube for free yoga videos.

Sources for essential oils:

  • Essential oils can be used by: Diffusing a single oil or combination of essential oils into the air. Inhaling oils through the nostrils directly from the bottle. Receiving massage therapy utilizing essential oils. Soaking in an oil-infused bath. Rubbing oils directly onto the skin.
  • Organic Gardening Tips: Epic Gardening channel on YouTube. Kevin now has a homestead so you can also search Epic Homesteading for all your gardening and homesteading questions.